Ted's Moist Homemade Dressing with Hen Meat

​Homemade Buttermilk cornbread mixed with Thanksgiving Spices, Celery, Yellow Onion, Fresh Chicken Broth.  Ready to go in the oven.....   26.95 Gal., 1/2 Gal 14.50, Pint 8.00, Cup 4.00

Smokehouse Sliced Ham

​The best Ham in Alabama.. Smoked and Sliced just for you.....   12.00 per Lb.  

Giblet Gravy

​Warm up some tasty Giblet Gravy..... 13.95 Quart, Pint 7.00 

Sweet Potato Casserole

​Delicious Baked Fresh Sweet Potatoes mixed in a Buttery Spiced Sauce and Topped with Brown Sugar and Pecans.....   30.00 Gal.

Smokehouse BBQ...

​Thanksgiving and Christmas Menu...

Homemade Cranberry Relish

Fresh Cranberries, Orange Marmalade, Shredded Granny Smith Apples, Pecans, Lemon Juice.....   25.00 Quart, 14.00 Pint, 7.00 Cup.

Happy​ Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas 2017

Too busy to really get in the mood to cook for the Family, the Office, Friends, Holidays?  Deadline for ordering for Christmas 2017 is December 19th.  Pick up before or no later than 4 pm on December 19th.  334-285-5540 or 334-651-1080.

12 -14 lb. Turkey

Smoked whole turkey stuffed with Green Apples and Purple Onion...  Ready for you to stuff with Dressing.....   40.00